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New Year’s Eve: our menu

This year La Cambusa is also open for New Year’s Eve and offers a sparkling menu to say the least!


Served in a single dish in trilogy of cuttlefish, oysters and tuna.
Cuttlefish seasoned noodles with basil pesto and confit cherry tomatoes, to give a sweet and sour note at the same time, oysters and tuna tartare on a bed of citrus fruits.

First courses

The first course will be a risotto flavored with a sauce of shrimp from Mazara and a shrimp carpaccio with Bronte pistachio grains

The second course will be a plate of fresh ravioli stuffed with grouper, seasoned with clams, mussels, calameretti and swordfish.

Second course

A fish millefeuille composed of slices of salmon, tuna and swordfish placed in layers on potatoes and caramelized Tropea onions.


Tris of jellies made with fresh juice


Mandrarossa Chardonnay wineries


60 euro per personOpening time – closing: 19.30 – 00.00For info and reservations: send us an email | write us on whatsapp | call us at +39091584574