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Nuovo menu à la carte


La Cambusa presents the new spring menu which on the one hand tells the Sicilian tradition and at the same time opens the gaze to a Mediterranean context, which since the most remote times has made the frame of the history of Sicily, all in the name of the local food:

The dishes most loved by our customers remain such as the aubergine parmigiana in pots cooked with smoked scamorza, the bavette cedar bottarga and prawns, the carnaroli rice with red prawns from Mazara, pistachios and buffalo burrata or the steak of tuna in a pistachio crust on a salad of red onion potatoes and mint.

Among the new proposals are the tonnarelli of fresh pasta with mussels and tenerumi, a dish that recovers the Palermo tradition of pasta chi tinniruma, the summer soup prepared with the leaves of the long courgette (tenerumi) or the “Aeolian” cod with an all-Sicilian aroma of capers, olives and cherry tomatoes.

After the success of last summer, the Mediterranean Paella remains on the menu, a reinterpretation by our chef Alfonso of the Valencian recipe in a Mediterranean key much appreciated by our customers.

Unmissable couscous Trapanese style to remember the flavors of Arab Sicily and pay homage to the typical recipe of the north-western part of our island.

The new menu expands the choice of big salads with typical Mediterranean aromas and flavors: from Greek feta to local almonds, from pistachio to red Tropea onion.

Our homage to Sicily not only looks at tradition, but also enhances and supports the productive activity of our land, which sees in the Sicilian avocado a high quality product that has entered the national and international market with great success precisely for the its excellent characteristics – sweet taste and buttery pulp – given by the climatic conditions and the fertile Sicilian soil in which it is grown.

These and other novelties on the menu for this spring 2022.

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