Month: December 2019

New Year’s Eve lunch at La Cambusa, we start 2020 with good food!


A tricolor appetizer composed of a fresh marinated salmon tartare, seasoned with buffalo mozzarella, on a julienne courgette nest, all decorated with a strain of acacia honey.

First courses

The first course will be a Carnaroli rice with porcino mushroom and the highly praised Mazara rosso prawn.

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The second course will be fresh riccioli pasta seasoned with red pumpkin cream and rosemary seared squid julienne.

Second course

Amberjack darna, the most prized of the blue fish, stewed on a seasoned biete’s nest.


The lunch ends with a sponge cake filled with fresh sheep’s milk ricotta, a tribute to our Sicilian tradition.


Baglio di Pianetto Cataratto


50 euro per person

Opening time – closing: 12.30 – 15.00For info and reservations: send us an email | write us on whatsapp | call us at +39091584574

New Year’s Eve: our menu

This year La Cambusa is also open for New Year’s Eve and offers a sparkling menu to say the least!


Served in a single dish in trilogy of cuttlefish, oysters and tuna.
Cuttlefish seasoned noodles with basil pesto and confit cherry tomatoes, to give a sweet and sour note at the same time, oysters and tuna tartare on a bed of citrus fruits.

First courses

The first course will be a risotto flavored with a sauce of shrimp from Mazara and a shrimp carpaccio with Bronte pistachio grains

The second course will be a plate of fresh ravioli stuffed with grouper, seasoned with clams, mussels, calameretti and swordfish.

Second course

A fish millefeuille composed of slices of salmon, tuna and swordfish placed in layers on potatoes and caramelized Tropea onions.


Tris of jellies made with fresh juice


Mandrarossa Chardonnay wineries


60 euro per personOpening time – closing: 19.30 – 00.00For info and reservations: send us an email | write us on whatsapp | call us at +39091584574

Menu of december: lots of news to taste!

Let’s open the beginning of December with a menu full of tasty news!Read full menu hereTraditional dishesThe must of the tradition are always present, including spaghetti with clams, pasta with sardines, mussel soup and sardine meatballs, and the most requested specialties of La Cambusa, such as the fettuccine with cedar, bottarga and prawns or the tender tuna steak.NewsTo enrich the menu, new dishes with fine ingredients, such as Carnaroli risotto with Mazara del Vallo red prawns and Bronte pistachio or grouper ravioli with seafood. Another gem of the menu is the beef fillet with three peppers, a fine and very tender cut.Among the starters, a tasting of Sicilian cold cuts and cheeses.The cured meats come from the Madonie mountain range, while dairy products from the areas of Enna and Cinisi, in the province of Palermo. Among the most prestigious cheeses, we selected the fresh Caciocavallo from Vacca Cinisara, declared a Slow Food Presidium. The Vacca Cinisara, from whose milk the original Palermo caciocavallo is produced, is one of the two native Sicilian cattle breeds – together with the Modicana – and was introduced by FAO into the categories in danger of extinction.Palermo styleThe typical dishes of Palermo’s cuisine are poor dishes, that is based on poor raw materials … but with very tasty results! In addition to the famous sardinian meatballs and the now international Pasta chî sàrdi, we have included two other typical dishes of Palermo’s cuisine: the sfincione salted cod and the braciole with sauce with peas.Scents of SicilySicily is a land of decisive and contrasting aromas, as well as the scents and aromas of our menu: from the fragrant notes of Sicilian citrus fruits that accompany the tuna tartare to the strong aroma of wild fennel in broad beans, to the strong smell of salted ricotta on tagliatelle with aubergine cream and cherry tomatoes.The dessertsAmong the homemade desserts prepared by our chef and the homemade ice cream desserts made by our Rorò ice cream parlor you will be spoiled for choice! From the traditional cassata and cannolo, to the fancy ones like the warm heart pie, up to the original Tris di Coppe, a combination of the three flavors of chocolate, cinnamon and jasmine ice cream.