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A 35 year long history: the video in honor of La Cambusa

Celebrating our history! 35 years ago La Cambusa was born and today it is a typical Sicilian restaurant of great tradition in Palermo, still in its place of origin: the beautiful Piazza Marina.

We thank all the people involved in the video, especially our staff and Rorò Gelateria staff, also part of our family since 2019.

Created by: Anfepo filmmaking & videomaking

Easter 2023

Here are our proposals for this Easter 2023, we are waiting for you on Sunday 9 April!

Fish menu – 45.00 euros per person

Caponata Di Pesce Spada

Sardinian meatballs

Golden cod


Risotto Scampi and Scamorza

Cernia ravioli with pumpkin, squid and mussels


Dipesce sword rolls almonds and Mazara red shrimp

Grilled vegetable bouquets


Sicilian cassata by the glass


Water and white wine IGT Sicily

Meat menu – 40.00 euros per person

Sicilian trilogy: eggplant caponata, fried artichoke, bathe provola


Carnaroli rice with crunchy speck and smoked scamorza

Paccheri with mixed ragout and sheep ricotta


Pork fillet with orange with butter spinach


Cassata by the glass


Water and red wine


Special 13 dicembre


According to tradition, on 13 December 1646 Saint Lucia, following the numerous prayers and pleas of the population, performed her miracle: she brought a ship loaded with grain to Palermo, putting an end to the famine that was afflicting the city. That day, the citizens immediately boiled the wheat without working it as per tradition.

Since then, every December 13th, Palermitans honor the miracle performed by Saint Lucia by eating foods that contain unprocessed cereals. This is why they opt for timbales of rice, risotto, cuccia and of course the delicious meat or butter arancini.

In keeping with this culinary tradition, La Cambusa offers another rice-based dish: Paella, in the “Mediterranean” version proposed by our chef Alfonso.


Tel: +39091584574
Whatsapp: +393475901917
Il prezzo di 35€ include una Paella Mediterranea per 2 persone + calice di vino. Coperto incluso.



La Cambusa – Cucina Tipica Siciliana dal 1988
Piazza Marina 16, 90133, Palermo
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