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Menu may 2021

They were months of silence, of closed doors, lunches in the kitchen of the house and dinners at home.

Family moments that we certainly appreciated – for the first time, instead of wandering among the tables between an order and a receipt, we spent Christmas at home with the family, perhaps an unrepeatable event! – But they were also months of long waits, of pauses, of suspended activities, of lowered shutters that now quivered to get up again. And now, finally, here we are.

We reopen the doors, happy to welcome you back to the Cambusa, excited to return to observe conviviality, sharing, the pleasure of spending a family lunch, yes, but outdoors, the pleasure of looking around and admiring the our beautiful Palermo.

Let’s go back to that buzz of people, that noise of dishes from the kitchen, the scent of roasted fish, the dishes with a Sicilian mix of colors and that mouth watering that comes from experiencing all this.

Happy to return to the Cambusa, happy to return with you, we are waiting for you in Piazza Marina for lunch and dinner with the  >NEW MENU OF THE SEASON<. See you soon!

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