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Special 13 dicembre


According to tradition, on 13 December 1646 Saint Lucia, following the numerous prayers and pleas of the population, performed her miracle: she brought a ship loaded with grain to Palermo, putting an end to the famine that was afflicting the city. That day, the citizens immediately boiled the wheat without working it as per tradition.

Since then, every December 13th, Palermitans honor the miracle performed by Saint Lucia by eating foods that contain unprocessed cereals. This is why they opt for timbales of rice, risotto, cuccia and of course the delicious meat or butter arancini.

In keeping with this culinary tradition, La Cambusa offers another rice-based dish: Paella, in the “Mediterranean” version proposed by our chef Alfonso.


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Il prezzo di 35€ include una Paella Mediterranea per 2 persone + calice di vino. Coperto incluso.



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Menu february 2021

We are delighted to inform you that the Cambusa reopens for lunch (12.30-15.00) with an exceptional menu to celebrate the reopening of Cambusa with you!

Cous Cous and Paella (… and more!)

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We look forward to seeing you soon!

N.B .: all anti-Covid measures will be respected and you will be able to sit both inside and outside where the tables will be appropriately spaced.

For those who reach us by car, we remind you that the ZTL is suspended until March 1st.

A typical sicilian soup: the Macco di fave beans

To celebrate the international day of homemade soups we propose a typical Sicilian soup: the Macco di fave.

It is a first course with humble and ancient origins, widespread in the Mediterranean area. It was consumed by the peasants for refreshment after a long and tiring day of work in the fields. In fact, the bean is a nutritious, substantial and beneficial legume: it reduces the levels of cholesterol in the blood, it is diuretic, rich in iron and vitamin C.

There are many variations of the fava bean recipe. For example in Sicily a special version of the Macco di fave is prepared to celebrate San Giuseppe, enriching the recipe with other legumes and chestnuts.

The version we offer is the traditional Sicilian one: it is prepared with dried, cooked and blended beans until a creamy velvety is added to which wild fennel is added, an evergreen aromatic plant native to the Mediterranean areas, used as an indispensable ingredient in many Sicilian recipes ( > see sardine meatballs).

Note: among the many varieties of fava beans, Sicily boasts three declared Slow Food Presidia: la Fava cottoia di Modica, la Fava di Ustica e la Fava Larga di Leonforte.

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